ASSET is dedicated to the eradication of slavery through amplifying the victims voice and supporting systemic solutions.

“We define enslavement as when one person completely controls another, uses violence or violent threat to maintain that control, exploits them economically and pays them effectively nothing. Trafficking is a form of enslaving someone. Sex Trafficking is a form of trafficking.”

-Julia Ormond, President and Founder of ASSET Campaign


California State Senator Darrell Steinberg on the passage of the California Transparency Act


“ASSET was the Chief Organizational Sponsor and Original Sponsor of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Law. As ASSET’s Founder Julia Ormond was the driving force behind California’s groundbreaking ‘California Transparency in Supply Chain Act.’ She brought the idea to me as leader of the California Senate. She led the advocacy team in Sacramento during the many long months it took to pass the Act. When many doubted its passage, she persisted.

The Act is the catalyst for the dramatic progress in recent years to improve compliance with international standards prohibiting human trafficking and slavery. Simply put, but for Julia’s direct leadership and work, it never would have happened”


Governor Schwarzenegger thanking Julia Ormond for her work on the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act to require businesses to disclose their efforts to end slavery from their supply chain.



ASSET Founder Julia Ormond and Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg for the  signing of SB 657 to help eliminate slavery and human trafficking from product supply chain.



Former President Bill Clinton Praises ASSET for it’s role in Eradicating Slavery and Trafficking



From our partners at Not For Sale Campaign