What We Do

ASSET Campaign changes the system using advocacy and convening to drive human rights policy which will empower consumers to make socially impactful purchasing decisions.

  • Legislative Advocacy & Consumer Power​

    Current and future transparency laws need to adjust in accordance with business, oversight bodies and government responses to meet transparency and anti-slavery goals. To that end, we support improved transparency legislation. We also aim to help consumers use their purchasing power to drive change. We believe both are critical to ensuring exploitation does not continue as a standard practice in global supply chains. Our goal is to facilitate the shifting of social norms and open up consumer demand for slavery-free goods.

  • Convening​

    We serve to strengthen the infrastructure for collaboration and thought leadership among our allies in the freedom ecosystem. We do this by providing a dynamic and collaborative space to address root causes of enslavement and solutions to tackling supply chain transparency. Our holistic approach is informed by all stakeholder voices to introduce and drive action on key issues through our TISC Tank, and we host broader conversations through a global conference circuit, participating in Federal and State political education and testimony, press and attending and giving talks at the UN, Corporations, organizations, events, schools and colleges.


Your tax-deductible donation to ASSET will help us continue the vital work in making it easier for consumers to vote for the world they want, and ending modern slavery around the world.

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